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While the results are instant, èrii formulas restore vibrancy and health on the deepest cellular level to keep your skin radiant for a lifetime.

Stem Cell Innovation Meets
the Earth's Most Luxurious Ingredients

A symphony of Nature’s potent and pure ingredients. Merging Japanese Nobel Prize winning growth factors with fresh wild herbs, minerals, and essential oils from France.

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The moment I first applied èrii to my skin, I was astonished. After testing hundreds of age defying products, I had never seen a serum that visibly lifts and revives the skin so quickly.

Yoko Kono RN at Rodeo Plastic Surgery Institute

I am happy to have discovered erii France, age defying serum. It has certainly helped my very sensitive skin, it feels silky as it goes on, and definitely appreciate fragrance free the natural ingredients.

★★★★★ verified buyer Katie 

I've experienced a great improvement in my skin dryness and appearance. My skin drinks it up luxury ingredients! It makes my face and neck look moisturized from the first application! My daughter even made a comment about how good my face looked! I can't live without age defying serum.

★★★★★ Verified buyer Sylvia

My esthetician recommended erii France age defying serum and I’ve been using it for about 2 years. It's been AMAZING! My skin is renewed, protected, repaired and refreshed. It makes my skin smooth and quick penetrate. Perfect for every day wear.

★★★★★Verified buyer Nancy B

I have rosacea and it’s very sensitive even though it’s a milder case. I’ve noticed a difference in my skin in just one week. It is no longer nearly as red and inflamed. I’m very pleased with how the products are natural, cruelty free, and non-toxic! The bags under my eyes have firmed up and lightened up. Very happy with this purchase!

★★★★★ Verified buyer

Each bottle provides three meals
for a child in need at Rainbow School.

We began developing our serum to provide a clean, nourishing massage oil for new mothers and infants in Thailand. It is near to our hearts that every purchase helps create a welcoming home for children in need at Rainbow School.

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Ponsai is a loving, open-hearted boy and came to Rainbow School when he was only 4 years old. He loves acting in musicals and playing dodgeball.

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Bon is a dearly loved part of the Rainbow School family and a talented artist – always drawing. He has dreams of being an artist or scientist when he grows up.

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Joe Ei Mai

Joe Ei Mai is a bright light at Rainbow School and a talented musician. He often sings us imaginative songs he has written himself.

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Experience the regenerative power of 200+ growth factors, 10+ plant stem cells, and 80+ deep sea minerals working to keep your skin lifted, toned, and glowing.

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