Age Defying Serum

The èrii  Age Defying Elixir contains over 200+ growth factors, paired with luxurious natural wild herbs, over 80 kinds of deep-sea minerals, and pure essential oils, to instantly lift, tone, and rejuvenate the skin. All the while, fullerenes and nano-platinum ensure that the serum deeply penetrates the skin to restore radiance on a cellular level.


Nobel Prize Science

Growth Serum

The exclusive èrii Growth Serum was designed with a renowned Japanese Regenerative Medical Center to maximize the delivery of over 200+ growth factors and innovative stem cells to renew the skin at a cellular level. The serum is seamlessly recognized by the skin and repairs skin damage and restores the radiance of aging skin cells. Alpha lipoic acid enhances the antioxidant effects of the Growth Factor serum, keeping skin cells energized and toned.

1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology.

Growth factors include EGF, FGF, TGF, IGF, and HGF.


Powerful antioxidants made from carbon that are 125 times stronger than Vitamin C.

1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.



Enhances firmness and reduces wrinkles, while supporting the skin’s natural regeneration processes.


Reduces collagen depletion, increases skin’s elasticity, and prevents premature aging including an uneven skin tone.


Reduces wrinkles and blemishes from environmental stress. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

80+ Deep Sea Minerals

Potent minerals for healing and restoring the skin.

Plant Extracts

10+ Plant Stem Cells from Japan

Repair, regenerate, and protect skin on a cellular level. Keeping skin healthy and wrinkle free.

Natural Herb Extracts from France

Erase surface wrinkles and reduce wrinkle volume. Lighten age spots and smooth uneven skin tone. Boost skin hydration, fade uneven skin tone, and visibly improve wrinkles.

Our Formula⁠

10+ Plant Stem Cells

Repair, regenerate, and protect skin on a cellular level. Keeping skin healthy, energized, and wrinkle free.

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Green Tea Leaf

A powerful antioxidant that diminishes the signs of aging, repairs damage, and eliminates pollutants on the skin's surface.

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Cherry Blossom Extract

Repairs the skin's natural barriers, promotes collagen formation, and lightens uneven pigmentation for brightened, healthy skin.

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Korean Ginseng

Boosts skin hydration, fades uneven skin tone, and visibly improves wrinkles.

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Licorice Root Extract

Protects the skin from free radicals, while soothing and healing skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

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Aloe Leaf Extract

Heals the skin from exposure to UV sun damage. Propels production of collagen and elastin for healthy skin.

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