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At èrii, we believe that “you make a life by what you give.” It is close to our hearts that every purchase provides three meals for a child at the Rainbow School of Sangkhlaburi. 

Rainbow School is situated deep in the jungle on the border between Myanmar and Thailand where many of the villagers are refugees fleeing civil unrest. Neither country has accepted Sangkhlaburi as part of their nation, leaving children born there without nationality, and many as orphans, abandoned by parents who were unable to receive an education. Rainbow School was created to embrace these children, giving them a nurturing home and education to grow and thrive. Thank you for joining us in caring for these precious children and we are excited to introduce you to a few of the children of Rainbow School.

The Four Brothers

In the next few weeks, we will be sharing the stories of Win, Joe Ei Mai, Ponsai, and Bon. Four brothers who we have been so proud to see grow and flourish since joining Rainbow School in 2014. Tomoko, the founder of Rainbow School had known them for 5 years before they came to the school.

At an early age, they had lost their mother to illness and their father had abandoned them. From there, a relative cared for them temporarily until a kind woman was able to take them in. However, soon she was getting too old to work and could no longer afford to continue feeding the four growing children, and had to send them to an orphanage. That is where Tomoko met the four bright boys, playing with them and teaching them to study. While the Orphanage in Sangkhlaburi took the boys in, it was not a home for nurturing growth and happiness. To move the boys, it took years of difficult negotiations, but the boys and our team were so excited to finally welcome them to their home at Rainbow School in 2014.

Meet Win

Win is the eldest brother and a natural leader, possessing a deeply kind heart and vision to make sure all are seen and cared for. As the oldest, when we met Win, he was under a lot of pressure to look after his three younger siblings. When he first came to Rainbow School, his pain manifested in an unstable mental condition and troublemaking at school. 

However, we all learn what we live, and after spending lots of time being mentored and cared for by Tomoko’s husband and carpenters, a sense of peace and calm slowly began to wash over his demeanor.  He began taking initiative to invest in his school work and become an advisor for children at Rainbow School. From teaching them to catch fish to directing athletics in the forest camp training, he is the one children look up to as their guide. 

This year, he has turned 20 years old and dreams of a future involved in medical care. Whenever children or visitors are injured, he is always quick to come to their aid with a gentle, dexterous hand.  We are so thrilled to see how Win has grown and cannot wait to support him as he works towards building his future.

It is close to our hearts that every purchase provides three meals for a child at the Rainbow School of Sangkhlaburi.  Head to Our Cause to learn more about our partnership with Rainbow School.

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